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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 30, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> are you calling yourself mary again? >> nice. thomas, atlanta snowplow. he sent us this picture. >> that's hot. >> yeah. >> that's right out of moscow. nice touch. >> there you go. thanks so much for watching. i'm alisyn camerota. >> here is gretchen carlson. ciao for now. we start a with fox news alert. we're awaiting a verdict in the amanda knox retrial happening in italy. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." amanda knox and her boyfriend waiting for a third court verdict that could find them guilty again. this time amanda is waiting out the decision in the united states. she was arrested in 2007 for the murder of her roommate in italy in 2009. an italian court found knox guilty. then in 2011 an appeals court cleared her and her boyfriend. last march italy's high court
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overturned the acquittal order agnew trial and that's where we stand today. jonathan hunt joining me now. jonathan, what do we know about what's going to happen in the court in italy any moment now. >> as if these six years and three months has not been agony enough for everybody, the timing of this verdict seems to keep slipping. we were told right about now we would be getting an announcement from the court clerk. we do not have that at this point. there is some speculation the delivery of the verdict could slip another hour to 3:00 p.m. eastern. the agony goes on for obviously amanda knox and her family, obviously raffaele sollecito, her ex-boyfriend and family. her brother and sister are in the court waiting to hear the verdict like everybody else. this, of course, gretchen, will be the third verdict that we
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have had in this case, and it might not necessarily be the end. this could go back to the italian supreme court, gretchen. >> what does this mean for amanda knox now, though? as long as she stays in the united states, does this mean she can't go back to italy, if she's convicted or european union ever. >> if she's found guilty in this new trial, it would go to the supreme court. if they uphold the guilty verdict, then the italian authorities are likely to seek amanda knox's extradition from the u.s. u.s. does have extradition with italy. amanda knox herself said effectively she would become a fugitive from italian law. because of the extradition treaty across the european union, you're absolutely right, she would not be able to go anywhere in europe, any country that has an extradition treaty with europe. >> we are watching and waiting at this hour.
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jonathan hunt, thanks so much for that update. meantime that storm still huge news today. atlanta still trying to clean up from the crippling ice storm that shut down the city. military helping clear cars with humvees after a huge traffic nightmare. slippery conditions causing 1200 accidents, stranding 2200 drivers and 3,000 kids spending the night in their schools. now the blame game heating up and the finger pointing begins. live in atlanta, jonathan, what's the latest now? >> well, gretchen, the good news is the kids are back home safely with their parents and interstates back open to traffic. on the sides of the interstate this is a common sight, these abandoned vehicles. some of them sitting on the side of the interstate since tuesday's snowstorm. here you can see the sun is out melting the ice. there's puddles here. officials want abandoned vehicles off the side of the road as quickly as possible so
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they can treat the puddles before the temperature goes lower this evening causing more problems. despite the state's sponsz to the storms there's been a lot of finger pointing about the preparation for the storm. early on state officials blamed forecasters say they didn't give enough warning this was truly going to be a severe snowstorm. but meteorologies were pushing back saying they did give ample warning. earlier in the day here is what the governor had to say about the response. listen. >> you need to talk to the business leaders in this community. they heard the same predictions we did. we don't have power to tell them to tell their employees not to go to work. we don't have power to tell school systems, don't send your buses on the road, don't send children to school. everybody making judgment calls about the weather made the same
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judgment calls i did and the city of atlanta did. >> state officials have been doing a lot of soul searching in the wake of this. they have re-evaluated everything that happened. they said they will continue to discuss their response at a news conference just moments ago governor nathan diehl said going forward when there are future storm warnings, the state is going to take the warning very seriously and act aggressively even if it means shutting down roads and taking extreme precaution in a storm that doesn't come. the lesson learned here is they need to air on the side of caution. gretchen. >> all right. jonathan serrie picking up the mess down there. thanks so much. new developments concerning upcoming winter olympics in sochi. british officials warning their athletes not to wear team gear and keep a low profile. this as athletes set to arrive 48 hours from now. the u.s. team also received a similar warning. one of our best and brightest is trying to keep it all in perspective. >> i know we'll be in good hands.
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the security i know is pretty tight. i think we'll be safe inside. >> meantime security not the only concern. cost overruns nothing short of comical. we're talking $50 billion over budget. that's three times more than all other olympics combined. for perspective salt lake city games cost $2 billion. brand-new arrests connected to last month's deadly terror attacks in russia that killed 34 people and injured dozens more. two brothers detained in damage stan for helping bombers travel to volgograd, which is about 600 miles from also identifying two a member of jihadist group in damage stan. trying to determine who actually organized the whole attack. meantime here in the u.s. attorney general eric holder telling senate lawmakers he plans to meet a friday deadline on whether to seek the death penalty for boston bombing
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suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, he and his brother planting a bomb and later killing a police officer. check out this kaiser poll finding uninsured americans unfavorable views of the health care law now outnumber favorable views by two to one marriage, 24% to 47%. all this a brand-new study shows wait times for doctor's appointments going way up as obamacare is rolling out. charles cook, a staff writer for national review, he's my guest in the studio today. great to see you, charles. >> thanks for having me. >> the average wait time now, this study ended the end of 2013, who knows what happens in january, 18 days for specialty doctors in the united states. >> the study ended in september but we've seen the same thing in
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massachusetts. this is an obvious supply and demand situation. we've added more people to medicaid rules and insurance to a bill that really wasn't -- was silent on the matter of supply. all it does, it increased the demand. we can argue as to why that is and why america finds itself in a situation with a shortage of general practitioners which it does. they still got together and passed a bill that does nothing about supply. of course wait times are going to go up. >> we heard from a lot of doctors when this was rolling out and the bill was signed, there aren't enough doctors to meet the demand. if you look at massachusetts, as you talk about, they had affordable care act a few years before it became national law, boston the wait there to see a specialized doctor, 45 days. >> absolutely. this is the case in the country i'm from originally. whenever government get involved
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in this wait time goes up. markets are pretty good at sorting this out. root cause congress didn't consider supply at all. they just considered demand. the two interact fairly predictally and of course we're where we are. >> another report came out that will scare stuff, special if they live in california with privacy information. apparently 43 convicted criminals are working as obamacare navigators in that state. >> i should say at the outset as a rule i think we overpunish people for crimes they committed in the past. we take away their vote, guns and sometimes ruin their lives know too long. this is an issue where privacy is of paramount importance. a lot of personal information, financial information that's being pushed through the system. some of the people who are working within the system really have some developed skills. >> you're talking about repeat forgery offenses, committed welfare fraud, shoplifting, seven navigators with multiple conviction.
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if you're talking social security, personal information, finance information, if these are people who committed crimes before, likelihood, could happen again. >> some are repeat offenders and have developed real skills in this area, real criminal skills. the question is you have a million and a half unemployed people in the state of california. can we really not find people who don't have histories of corrupting private information? seems odd. >> wasn't part of the background check, then the answer might be nope. charles cook, always good to see you, thanks. chaos in walmart parking lot as a drunk driver across the pavement. field for 2016 wide open, will jeb bush go against the wishes of his mom and make a run for the third member of the white house? the most overlooked candidates who may be flying under the radar as well. an outrageous crackdown on a young girl making cupcakes in
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her mother's kitchen. many times for charity events. guess what, the government has shut her down. wait until you hear what's going to happen in that case.
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welcome back a shocking crime outside a busy walmart. witnesses outside the tempe, arizona store can be heard on 911 calls describing the chaotic scene as the driver of this car slams into a victim and several parked cars. the driver fleas the season. amazingly the victim survived. the driver was found to have more than three times the legal limit. big day for facebook.
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shares jumping to a high following quarterly earnings report. mark zuckerberg making his goal to write a thank you note every single day. i love that goal. profits jumping eight fold to $2.5 billion steadily climbing all year after the botched ipo in 2012. gene marks is a small business onowner and my guest today. a lot of people thought facebook sold too high. a lot lost money. >> $2 billion bucks, i'd be writing thank you notes every day, too. >> good boy. >> the biggest reason, $7.8 billion in revenue compared to $5 billion last year. mobile has been their big driver. i'm a big facebook fan. i use it on my mobile phone. they are growing it. watch for video, they are making it there. >> speaking of news and
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inrmati information, they have a new paper app. >> they are trying to expand into independent applications that involve facebook and get other people watching what they do. this paper app called paper, a news reader. a user friendly news reader on your iphone for now, coming out next week. great interface for news, subscribe to news services, follow the people there what's going on. their event, their news. what's interesting, i like to talk about small business, a lot of small business people, a great way to capture some new eyeballs because they can write blogs and thins on the website and people see it on the app. >> so much for people saying facebook was a thing of the past. let me know what you think about this story, government shutting down an 11-year-old entrepreneur one day after a local paper featured her small cupcake business. this is crazy. it happened in illinois. chloe sterling, in a lot of cases making cupcakes for
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charity and kids with cancer and health department comes in and says you can't use your parents kitchen. >> apr, npr, a nice article, the next day the health department swoops in and shuts her down frchlt a small business angle, she's doing a good thing, it's a little 11-year-old girl. the reality was she was making it out of her family kitchen. >> here is what officials told her. she could continue doing what she's doing on the condition her family buy a bakery, yeah, right, or build her a kitchen separate from the one we have. yeah right again. >> the government official was like, hey, rules are rules. >> they also said they were doing it for public safety. in what way? >> i know. i totally agree with you. there's certain health rules that have to be abided. it's an 11-year-old girl. we have a little girl trying to be entrepreneurial. don't we need more of that in this country and the government comes slamming down on her
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giving her unreasonable demands. buying a bakery. wonder if she'll ever go back in business again. >> hopefully she does. maybe someone will provide a kitchen for her. so crazy on so many front. thanks for bringing it to our attention. we are learning more about how hackers may have managed to pull off the largest data breach in history. what you need to know if you're a target shopper. waiting for new verdict in amanda knox retrial. an italian court cleared her of killing a british student two years ago, now an appeals court deliberating the case. party infighting with the gop. whatever are you talking about? >> both of you have had an intramural struggle with prominent republicans. >> no, we're one big happy family now. >> really? the friendly front and how the field is shaping up now. the question of the day, who is the most overlooked republican presidential
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candidate for 2014? tweet me @gretchen carlson? tweet me. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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fox news just confirming attorney general eric holder has authorized the death penalty for boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. authorities say dzhokhar and his brother planted explosives during the finish line of last year's boston race killing three people and injuring more than 250 as well as the shooting death of an m.i.t. police officer three days later. the breaking news that eric holder has come out ahead of the deadline, which was tomorrow, in
11:23 am
saying the government will seek the death penalty against the one brother who remains alive. talk about a close call. a car slams into this home in southern california with a family of four asleep inside. witnesses say the driver tried to flee the scene. he was chased down. that driver suspected of dui. we're learning more today about how hackers may have managed to pull off the largest data breach in history. stole credentials from a vendor and used those credentials to tap into target's computer system. once inside installed malware and hijacked your information. every time you went to target and swiped your card at the checkout. hackers picked up 40 million debit and credit card numbers and other personal information during the heart of the holiday season from november 27th to
11:24 am
december 15th. fbi pinpointing similar cyber attacks and warning they are not likely to end any time soon. secret service heading investigation and they have been noticeably silent throughout the whole thing. joining me now with the latest, a lot of information there, but basic thing today, how they actually broke in the system, right? >> that's right. in other words, the electronic sign-in credentials it got. essentially what security and law enforcement was saying, cyber possibly hijacked one of targeted servers to download credit cards at the point of swipe. what we're also hearing, there's deep concern the breaches could occur at major grocery chains the software ntry. that's used inside these retail companies are not strong enough that the fire walls are easily breached, gretchen. >> now you're talking about
11:25 am
target, neiman marcus, people going grocery shopping on a daily basis millions of people do that. >> what we're hearing, do not use debit cards. try to use cash as much as you can. debit card linked to checking account, you can have it wiped out. what we're hearing from law enforcement, the reason why this is such a profitable endeavor for cyber thieves, this malware is available for $6,000 on these under ground forums what we're also hearing, too, at the same time, these cyber hackers are using the same techniques used in the t.j.maxx hack and hack nasdaq, 7-eleven, dating back to 2005. the same signature techniques used by russian hackers and ukrainian hacker into these systems. >> twenty similar to target according to the fbi. target is going to come to capitol hill. what will we get out of it.
11:26 am
>> potentially three hearings. there's discussion about legislation that would force businesses to beef up their security at these retail companies and other companies. we're also hearing, too, this is really interesting, the hackers themselves, this is coming out of court documents and massive gonzalez hack, a cyber thieves crime. these hackers set up media alerts on google, any time hacks are discussed in the media, they can figure out how long they can go on hacking. they see -- they want to find out when the media finds out about them, they can continue to hack until their hacks are discovered. >> very interesting. lots of information there. liz, thanks so much. >> sure. >> coming up, stunning allegations against new york giants and marquis quarterback eli manning. a big lawsuit claims both big blue and qb sold fake pieces of memorabilia knowingly. could this go all the way to the football hall of fame? could a mother's word not
11:27 am
always right? jeb bush's mom says she doesn't want him to run for pres. >> your mom said he's qualified but she doesn't want you to run. >> she promised she wouldn't keep saying this. if you have older parents, they speak their mind. >> i think she's been doing that all their life. our political panel joining me next. [ sneezes, coughs ] i'veot a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's te for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is twon't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile food. with special crunchy kibbles and great taste...
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explorer of the seas sanitized. they expect the ship to be ready to leave for the next voyage on time. tomorrow afternoon. keep scrubbing. four men indicted on drug trafficking charges after the coast guard seized $30 million worth of cocaine. an alabama woman gives birth at home after the ambulance sent for her crashes on icy roads. the woman and her boyfriend coached over the phone by a paramedic. she gave birth to a healthy baby girl a few weeks early. congratulations. with republican field wide
11:32 am
open for the 2016 white house former governor jeb bush says he's thinking about it. >> i'm deferring the decision to the right time, which is later this year. the decision will be based on can i do it joyfully. i think we need to have candidates lift our spirits. it's a pretty pessimistic country right now and is it the right time for our family? >> politicians and pundits say this guy could be the dark horse threat in the race. the most overlooked ohio governor john kasich. democratic strategist and formal congressional candidate, good to see you. let me start with you since you're representing republicans here. a lot of people will be surprised to hear john kasich's name. why in your mind might he be a contender? >> he's compelling. all rods to victory go through ohio. he's developed enough of a profile nationally with reform
11:33 am
on tacks not as far as walker or christie but made concessions for unions. a good demeanor, american, blue-collar manner lacked by john mccain. a lot of support nontraditional base, a lot of african-americans support him in ohio. those are the virtues someone wants to see from their candidate. >> we look at the latest poll with 10 republicans, he had only 2%. the highest was 13% at paul ryan. we all know how fickle politics are. what do you make of jeb bush. those comments to me were indicative of a man quite seriously considering a run. >> long history of jeb in the state of florida. i think he definitely is sort of a changer for the field in
11:34 am
general. there are a lot of folks who would really enjoy seeing a strong bush coming back into the race and being able to really bring people together and show his experience having led the state of florida, which is one of the key states obviously for a presidential race. he's still very popular in the state. i think it really sort of breathe has energy that republicans need to have one candidate they can come behind. >> it's interesting. he has to get one person on his side. that's his mom. right now she doesn't want him to run. rand paul and ted cruz on hannity addressing the issue of intraparty fighting. >> both of you have had an intramural struggle with prominent republicans. you invited governor chris christie to a beer summit. >> we're one big happy family now. >> under the bridge. >> we're all getting together now. >> no pun intended.
11:35 am
>> under one big happy family. a lot going on in that dialogue. >> come on, there were four oppose responses to the state of the union. >> i didn't say we got there, i said we're getting there. senator cruz pointing to something a lot feel. after this big feud with each other over the government shutdown in the fall, the mishaps and complete collapse of obama care has given us an opportunity to coalesce back together, coordinate a little better on tactics, perhaps, and focus on defeating the agenda of this president which we believe is failing america, particularly obamacare in 2014 and translate that to 2016. are we there yet? probably not. but that's a good cater all sides are working. >> this is not good news for democrats to hear everyone is one big happy family on the gop side. that was a major talking point that they are falling apart. >> still the party of no. one thing to say one big happy
11:36 am
family to an agenda, concrete policy that will appeal to their base as well as american public in general. we'll see what happens. republicans are meeting in maryland. john boehner said they want to work together a lot needs to be done before the midterm elections to show republicans have come together. certainly if we're talking presidential nominees, either paul or cruz needs to step up and be the leader who says i'm bringing the party together if they think they will get nominees. >> it will be interesting to see how it all develops. thanks for your time. >> great to see you. fox news alert for you now because fox news confirming that president obama and president clinton will both speak to senate democrats next week. the caucus holding its retreat then. both presidents serving as headline speakers. this is very, very interesting that president obama would call on president bill clinton to once again come back into the fold. they are going to try to bolster support for those facing tough
11:37 am
midterm elections. president obama has pn on a pr blitz trying to turn approval poll numbers on the state of the union. president clinton stepped up his own efforts alps appearing in ads and fundraisers for democratic candidates. you can't leave this story without talking about his wife, hillary clinton, who may, in fact, want to run for president as well. syria being called top haven for islamic militants. top spy chief saying the war-torn country has being a magnet for extremists with more than 25,000 of them inside the border. this all coming on the heels of a report showing assad regime has shipped out less than 5% of chemical arsenal for destruction in a ship offshore and it's way behind schedule. concerned veterans for america, pete, america should be concerned with that information coming out about syria, correct? >> very much so.
11:38 am
there's 110,000 fighters in syria, the report says, 26,000 they call extremists. i don't think they are christian extremists or buddhist but islamic extremists in syria in fixed training camps. we're talking about something that looks like a pre9/11 afghanistan where they are able to stage and plot and train. a lot of people coming to syria says the report looking elsewhere for an attack. not just instability and vacuum in syria, created by quif indicating u.s. policy both there and across the border, implication for exporting that training elsewhere around the word. you talked about equivocating. talk about when the president was going to strike syria, no, let me ask congress. then interestingly enough decided not to. you have a state department today saying military action in syria was never taken off the table. where does that put us? >> tell that to assad.
11:39 am
once putin swept in and took over foreign policy and said oh, no, he'll get rid of nuclear options, military acwas off the table. we handcuffed ourselves hoping he would get rid of chemical weapons. we found 4% have been removed. he's eight weeks behind the time line. we say military option on the table. maybe. it ought be. we walked ourselves a long way back. assad has been able to consolidate power in the meantime, legitimacy in the international community. you know who pays the most attention? iran. supporting that regime and buying time towards their pursuit of a nuclear weapon. >> pete with the analysis on what could be a debacle in syria. thanks, pete. >> thanks, gretchen. >> a miracle in syria captured on tape. 14-month-old girl pulled alive from a pile of rubble after surviving an airstrike near her home in aleppo.
11:40 am
these men began digging after hearing her crowds. crowds cheered later when they reached her and lifted her from the debris. look at that. activists saying she was completely buried for several minutes but remarkably unhurt. amazing. >> time to check in with shepard smith. live, you're on super bowl boulevard. you get around. >> i do. what we did was broke into the sports fox set they built here overlooking times square. we handcuffed all their employees and threw them into a waiting truck and now we have this. so welcome to fox news's new setup. joe or somebody was supposed to be here monday. we'll have full coverage on shepard smith reporting, including warning about super bowl scams involving fake merchandise and fake tickets. jim gray from fox sports, interviewed quarterbacks peyton manning and russell wilson this week. just how cold will it be for super bowl xlviii? it's not so bad unless you're
11:41 am
from miami. if you're from miami, you shouldn't come here. it's winter. wait until the super bowl comes to you. that's the top of the hour. also expecting a verdict in the amanda knox trial. we'll try to slide that in, gretchen. come by and visit. >> you know i love sports. i'll meet you down there. >> right on. parents in one school district are outraged after learning their kids sat down to lunch, get this, only to have school staff yank the trace out from in front of them. why they did it. eli manning and new york giants being accused of trying to trick their fans with fake memorabilia. it's a bombshell lawsuit and geraldo rivera is here to break it down. have you to put on your lawyer hat today. >> i'm wearing it. cúp,@s#b so what's better, bigger osmaller?
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time to check out what america is clicking on.
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us seinfeld reunion in the work. jerry seinfeld hinting in an interview, a project with seinfeld characters may be soon. mayo is now the king of american condiments beating out ketchup at the dinner table. seriously? if you can't do without your jolt of joe, you may have caffeine use disorder. caffeine is the most common used drugs in the world and some people can be dependent on it. an explosive lawsuit against the new york giants and quarterback eli manning, accusing them of creating bogus football gear to pass off as the real deal fooling fans and making money from collectors. the complaint claims one of the forgeries, a helmet supposed by worn by manning is sitting in the football hall of fame. documents say manning took part in the scheme to hold onto his gear. it comes after the arrest of two
11:46 am
men who were selling bogus tickets for the super bowl days away from it. i'm joined by geraldo rivera. great to see you. this is a bombshell lawsuit. one thing this gear is being sold. but another thing to link potentially eli manning to it. >> giants quarterback, two-time super bowl champion. his brother peyton is leading the denver broncos into the current super bowl. he has a wonderful reputation. but apparently if these allegations are to be believed he was part of a huge scheme within the new york giants organization to create these bogus artifacts. this is the helmet i wore in the 2004 rookie season, when it wasn't. this the helmet i wore 2008 champion. that's the helmet in the pro bowl hall of fame. this suit a little it's fraud.
11:47 am
giants, people in charge of the uniforms, even dry cleaners involved in a huge civil ra racketeering. >> e-mail is where you find the crime. look at this exchange. 2008 exchange between one person we talked about and the giants team equipment manager. hey, joe, my buddy was offered an eli game used jersey. are these the bs ones eli asked to you make up because he didn't want to give up the real stuff? ouch. >> i spoke with him, his attorney, he's confident they will survive a motion to dismiss. the giants denying vehemently these allegations are true. the giants are really coming out strong. he's confident. he has evidence like the e-mail presentation you just showed there. it will be very difficult. this is a billion dollar business. the football autograph business is a billion dollars.
11:48 am
this is huge. you can just imagine players around, this is correct, give me one of those battered up helmets, the equipment guy. eli signs it and says i wore it this or that game. peyton manning was asked about it. he's unaware of the allegations. eli might be as well. >> the response bs one, you are correct. in other words, that was a verification in the first e-mail that this type of thing allegedly was going on, geraldo. >> documentary evidence. >> as you mentioned, this is a huge business. apparently it even involves the dry cleaners to one point where they were part of the whole thing. they beat up jerseys and other items at the behest, according to them, of the locker room manager. even the dry cleaner was making it look torn. >> in 2001 this plaintiff,
11:49 am
indicted for bogus memorabilia, charges against him were dropped when feds presented with evidence that now makes up the sum total of his civil lawsuit, this racketeering. the fed said, wait a minute, this isn't the bad guy. something else going on here. now the guy accused was being aggressive and he's suing them for civil racketeering. the giants are going to be reeling. in context of joyous news, here we are, metlife stadium, gathering for super bowl. >> coincidental to file a lawsuit two days before? i think it was coincidental. >> how did it happen? >> i just don't know. you've been in the business long enough to know that. have a fantastic weekend. we'll be watching your show. >> thank you. a whole lot more going on reading, writing and arithmetic at the elementary school, why they snatched food from hungry
11:50 am
children. a must hear story if you're still waiting to place your super bowl bet. this fella, not richard sherman, this fella has picked six for the last six, and will reveal his pick next. reveal his pick. the fellow is not one of the players.
11:51 am
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shocking story in salt lake city. students served lunches only to have it taken away from them and thrown away. this happened? >> it did. this is in salt lake. the school says they began calling parents on monday and
11:54 am
tuesday to notify them that their kid' lunch account balance was either zero or negative. the school is not sure if it actually notified all of the parentses but that did not stop the school from confiscating lunches. the kid get in line at the cav tierarch get their lunch, and then they pay, and when they got the checkout and realized they had no balance, the schools took the lunch, and because they can't give it to anybody else, they toss the lunch in the trash. 40 student lunches in the garbage. listen to an unhappy father. >> unfortunately my daughter called me crying, saying that she couldn't eat lunch over four dollars, and i was never notified she was in the negative. >> a lot of parents were not notified. instead those kids were all given fruit and mill income lieu of lunches. >> what is the school saying about this? what would the hammer have been
11:55 am
in giving the kids the lunches because they were going in the trash anyway. >> yeah. at first the school said the parents have to be held accountable and taking the kids' lunch away wag not a mistake. then they realize a lot of the parents were not notified, the school booked into full-blown apology mode. issuing other statement that reads in part, quoting... we understand the feels of upset parents and students who say this was embarrassing and humiliating situation. we again apologize to commit to working with parents in rectifying the information and ensuring students are never treated in this manner again. one girl who didn't get her lunch taken away, she went home that day and she made 40 lunches and brought them to school the next day for all the kids who had their lunches taken away. a little bit of embarrassment on the school's behalf. >> thank you for ending it with the good news. super bowl prediction, pay
11:56 am
attention to eli the ape has picked the correct super bowl winner for the last six years, and he just picked the seattle seahawks. officials at the zoo said he went straight for the helmet with the team's logo on it with no hesitation. and then there's baby bob, the orangutan, picks the seahawks as the next nfl champs. he made the choice of the weekend. wait a minute, they got together and they said that it they were going to make the pick. right? maybe so. >> well, elephants are some of the biggest animals on earth and moving them is a monumental task. why are they being hoisted in the air? this unlikely now friendship will melt your heart. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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pilots and crews helping a herd of elephants to their any home. the operation is the first of its mind west africa. the goal was to move them to national park area. took ten days. but they caught six elephants to relocate them. >> thank you for being part of "the real story." >> we're keeping a close eye ton the murder tropical of amanda knox. there's movement in the courtroom and we're expecting the verdict from the courtroom. >> in the united states, we're watching a effort to full thousands of aan ban didn'ted cars off the -- abandoned cars off the road after the disaster in dixie. >> the leader prepared to take the heat for all the snow. >> good thursday afternoon to you ask yours from the fox sports studio, high above times square, as the nfl is now calling it, super bowl boulevard. i don't know. the weather channel tries to name


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